Source code for sdk.lusid.models.create_recipe_request

# coding: utf-8


    FINBOURNE Technology  # noqa: E501

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from __future__ import annotations
import pprint
import re  # noqa: F401
import json

from datetime import datetime
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional
from pydantic.v1 import BaseModel, Field, StrictStr, conlist, constr
from lusid.models.configuration_recipe import ConfigurationRecipe
from lusid.models.resource_id import ResourceId

[docs] class CreateRecipeRequest(BaseModel): """ Specification class to request for the creation/supplementing of a configuration recipe # noqa: E501 """ recipe_creation_market_data_scopes: conlist(StrictStr) = Field(..., alias="recipeCreationMarketDataScopes", description="The scopes in which the recipe creation would look for quotes/data.") recipe_id: Optional[ResourceId] = Field(None, alias="recipeId") inline_recipe: Optional[ConfigurationRecipe] = Field(None, alias="inlineRecipe") as_at: Optional[datetime] = Field(None, alias="asAt", description="The asAt date to use") effective_at: constr(strict=True, min_length=1) = Field(..., alias="effectiveAt", description="The market data time, i.e. the recipe generated will look for rules with this effectiveAt.") __properties = ["recipeCreationMarketDataScopes", "recipeId", "inlineRecipe", "asAt", "effectiveAt"]
[docs] class Config: """Pydantic configuration""" allow_population_by_field_name = True validate_assignment = True
[docs] def to_str(self) -> str: """Returns the string representation of the model using alias""" return pprint.pformat(self.dict(by_alias=True))
[docs] def to_json(self) -> str: """Returns the JSON representation of the model using alias""" return json.dumps(self.to_dict())
[docs] @classmethod def from_json(cls, json_str: str) -> CreateRecipeRequest: """Create an instance of CreateRecipeRequest from a JSON string""" return cls.from_dict(json.loads(json_str))
[docs] def to_dict(self): """Returns the dictionary representation of the model using alias""" _dict = self.dict(by_alias=True, exclude={ }, exclude_none=True) # override the default output from pydantic by calling `to_dict()` of recipe_id if self.recipe_id: _dict['recipeId'] = self.recipe_id.to_dict() # override the default output from pydantic by calling `to_dict()` of inline_recipe if self.inline_recipe: _dict['inlineRecipe'] = self.inline_recipe.to_dict() # set to None if as_at (nullable) is None # and __fields_set__ contains the field if self.as_at is None and "as_at" in self.__fields_set__: _dict['asAt'] = None return _dict
[docs] @classmethod def from_dict(cls, obj: dict) -> CreateRecipeRequest: """Create an instance of CreateRecipeRequest from a dict""" if obj is None: return None if not isinstance(obj, dict): return CreateRecipeRequest.parse_obj(obj) _obj = CreateRecipeRequest.parse_obj({ "recipe_creation_market_data_scopes": obj.get("recipeCreationMarketDataScopes"), "recipe_id": ResourceId.from_dict(obj.get("recipeId")) if obj.get("recipeId") is not None else None, "inline_recipe": ConfigurationRecipe.from_dict(obj.get("inlineRecipe")) if obj.get("inlineRecipe") is not None else None, "as_at": obj.get("asAt"), "effective_at": obj.get("effectiveAt") }) return _obj